Event Calendar

2020 27 Sept

14th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Shibu Sreedhar
Topic: Restodontics
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2020 20 Sept

13th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Latha P Rao
Topic: Sterilization & Disinfection
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2020 06 Sept

12th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Yohan Chacko
Topic: Preparing for success with resin composite
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2020 01 Aug

11th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Davis C Thomas
Topic: Toothache of non odentogenic origin
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2020 05 July

10th Webinar

Speaker: Mr Shamim Rafeek
Topic: Facelift your business/practice
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2020 28 June

9th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Santosh Ravindran
Topic: New trends in post endodontic restorations and material applications
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2020 21 June

8th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Meera Gopalakrishnan
Topic: Diastema Dilemma Demystified
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2020 14 June

7th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Eldo Koshy
Topic: Pocelain laminate veneers - quick look at the clinical aspects
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2020 07 June

6th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Noorudeen AM
Topic: Gingival depigmentation simplified
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2020 31 May

Social Commitment

World no tobacco day e-poster making competition
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2020 24 May

5th Webinar

Speaker: Dr Binoy S Babu
Topic: Co existence with covid 19
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2020 17 May

4th Webinar

Speaker: Anupama Roy
Topic: Dressing right
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2020 10 May

3rd Webinar

Speaker: Ranjith Warrier
Topic: Healthy finances healthy living
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2020 03 May

2nd Webinar

Speaker: Dr George Jacob
Topic: Rubber dam isolation - Tips and tricks
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2020 28 April

1st Webinar

Topic : Guidelines for providing dental care during covid 19
Speaker : Dr Prashanth Pillai
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2020 05 April

4th EC Meeting

Digital EC meeting

2020 13 March

3rd EC Meeting

Digital EC meeting

2020 09 March

World Oral Health Day

Event: Poster making competition
Al Azhar Dental College
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2020 08 March

WDC Program

Event: Self defence workshop
Bakthi dance school, kakkanad
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2020 06 March

4th CDH

Event: Dentist day celebration
Venue: House of Providence old age home, Providence road
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2020 01 March

WDC Program

Topic: Diamonds are a Myth or Reality
Tanishq Jewellery, Ravipuram
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2020 28 Feb

4th CDE & Monthly Meeting

Speaker: Dr Vivek Narayanan
Topic: Making the right choice - periodontics in routine practice
Venue: Hotel Coral Isle
Monthly Meeting: IDA Kochi honouring Dr.MK James, Charter President of IDA Kerala State. 
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2020 14 Feb

2nd EC Meeting

Venue: Hotel Span International

2020 07 Feb

3rd CDH

Venue: Koonamavu special school

2020 31 Jan

3rd CDE

Topic : Overview of head and neck tumours- surgery and reconstruction
Venue: Gokulam Park Inn
Speakers: Dr Mayuri, Dr Sherry and Dr Aashish
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2020 10 Jan

2nd CDH Camp and WDC Camp

Venue: Rajagiri college

2020 03 Jan

First EC Meeting

Venue: Hotel Span

2019 22 Dec

2nd CDE : Free CDE

Speaker: Dr.Harsh Haren Shah
Topic: Porcelain Veneers And Laminates
Venue: Hotel Coral Isle
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2019 19 Dec

1st CDH Program

Venue: Inspiring little minds Pre school, Edapally

2019 15 Dec

1st CDE

Topic: What The World Does Not Know About Lasers
Speakers- Dr Chandrsekhar Yavagal, Arun G Maiyya
Venue: Holiday inn

2019 08 Dec


Event: Installation of the new team

2019 7-8 Dec

15th CDE

Event: State cde by PFA -IDA
Venue : IMA House
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2019 02 Dec

11th EC Meeting


2019 01 Dec

CDE by Straumann implants

Topic: Implantology - next
Venue: IMA House

2019 25 Nov


Event: State WDC Meeting
Venue: Alleppey

2019 24 Nov


Event: All Kerala IDA State athletics meet
Venue: Chalakudy
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14th CDE

Topic : Basic life support
Venue: Aster medicity
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2019 21 Nov

13th CDE

Topic : Mastering posterior composite
Venue: Holiday inn
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2019 10 Nov


Event: IDA Kerala - inter zone cricket matches

2019 03 Nov


IDA HOPE assurance amount handed over to Dr Mary Pathrose, wife of late Dr.Pathrose

2019 28 Oct

10th EC Meeting

Venue: Hotel Casino

2019 20 Oct


Event: IDA Kerala - Cultural Fest 2019
Venue: IMA House Kochi

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2019 13 Oct

Zonal IDA Kerala Cricket Match

Venue: Al Ameen Ground Kalamassery

2019 06 Oct

12th CDE

Topic : A Great leap to Modern Dentistry- Take Off 2020
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2019 03 Oct

Blood Donation

Event: Wdc blood donation program 
Venue: Ima blood bank

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2019 02 Oct


First organizing committee meeting of Chilamboli 2019 with Dr Venugopal- Ida Kerala state cultural Committee chairman

2019 19 Sept

15th CDH Program

World Mouth Cancer Day
Venue: St.Antony's Public School, Kizhakkambalam

2019 08 Sept

Onam Celebration

Venue: Hotel Coral Isle, Near North Railway Station

2019 06 Sept

9th EC Meeting

Venue:  IMA House Kochi

2019 01 Sept

11th CDE

Topic: Successful Teeth Whitening And Management Of Fluorosis
Speaker: Dr Jose Thomas
Venue: IMA House Kochi
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2019 30 Aug

8th Monthly Meeting

Topic: Simplifying every clinical dental photography
Speaker: Dr Varghese K Paulose Nechupadam MDS
Venue: Crown Plaza, Kochi
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2019 14 Aug

8th EC Meeting

2019 01 Aug

14th CDH Program

Oral hygiene day celebration
Venue: St Joseph School, Karithala, Kochi

2019 28 July

10th CDE

Topic: A Glimpse into Implantology from Basics to advanced
Speaker: Dr Jaibin George

2019 26 July

7th Monthly Meeting

Topic: Smile Designing
Speaker: Dr Cherian Abraham BDS
Venue: IMA House Kochi 

2019 25 July

13th CDH Program

Venue : Saraswathy Vidya Nikethan School

2019 24 July

13th CDH Program

Venue : Saraswathy Vidya Nikethan School

2019 13 July

7th EC Meeting And International Trip To Phuket

2019 28 June

6th Monthly Meeting

Topic : PROS-Per in your practice
Venue: Ima house

2019 26 June

12th CDH Program

Venue : Kusumagiri Autism Center, Kakkanad.

2019 17 June

Protest Meet

Expressed solidarity and support to our medical coleagues by closing our clinic and joined protest meet held at Vanchi Jn (near High court)

2019 14 June

6th Executive Committee Meeting

2019 09 June

9th CDE

Topic : Practice management tips and tricks
Speaker: Dr Subhash Hegde
Venue: Gokulam park inn kaloor
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2019 02 June

8th CDE

Topic : Complete Dentures
Speaker: Dr Chandrasekharan Nair
Venue: IMA House
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Restarted Free Dental Clinic

2019 31 May

5th Monthly Meeting

Topic : immediate load implantology for the general practitioner - an over view
Speaker: Dr Prashanth Pillai
Venue: IMA House
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11th CDH Program

Activities: Anti tobacco day celebration
Venue: IMA House
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2019 26 May

7th CDE

Topic : Minimally invasive and atraumatic surgeries
Faculty: Dr Kuber Soodh
Venue: IMA House
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2019 21 May

10th CDH by WDC and FDC

Venue : Mother and child health care centre, Chalikavattom

2019 19 May

State CDE

Topic : A update on oral surgery for general practitioners
Venue: PWD rest house and office kalamassery
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2019 12 May

6th CDE

Topic : Tooth Conservative Restoration - inlays and onlays
Faculty: Dr Jayshree Hegde
Venue: IMA House
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2019 05 May

Executive Committee family meet

Venue: lakesong kumarakom

2019 04 May

5th Executive Committee Meeting

Venue: lakesong kumarakom

2019 01 May

9th CDH Program

Kusumagiri mental health centre

2019 28 April


State Football match
Venue: Malappuram

2019 26 April

4th Monthly Meeting

Topic : Infectious disease and infection control
Speaker: Dr Anup Warrier
Activities: Launch of JIDAK e journal, football Jersey unveiling
Venue: IMA House

2019 16 April

5th CDE

Topic : Mucogingival
Faculty: Dr Naren
Venue: IMA House
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2019 07 April

4th CDE

Topic : Clinical establishment bill - Game changer in health care industry
Faculty: Dr Vinod Mathew
Venue: IMA House
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2019 31 March

3rd CDE

Topic : Catch the wave of restorative endodontics
Faculty: Dr Deepak Mehta
Venue: IMA House
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2019 24 March

8th CDH Program

Dental camp for staff of JaiHind Aluminium, Kalamassery Industrial park.

2019 17 March

2nd CDE

Topic: Advanced endodontics
Faculty : Dr Harsh Haren
Venue: Hotel hill view
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2019 15 March

7th CDH Program

Dental camp for employees of TVS motors at Cheranellor

2019 08 March

3rd Executive Committee Meeting

Venue: Spice Villa

2019 08 March

WDC Program

Womens day Celebration
Free dental check up and cancer awareness talk to Kudumbasree 

2019 06 March

5th CDH Program : Dentist Day

A dental screening at Subjail, Ernakulam 

2019 03 March

1st CDE Program

Topic: Smile Designing
Faculty: Dr B Mohan
Venue : IMA House

2019 14 Feb

4th CDH Program

Dental check up camp
Venue: Vidyodaya School, Thevakkal

2019 09 Feb

President-Secretary Seminar

Venue: Trivandrum

2019 08 Feb

2nd Executive Committee Meeting

Venue : IMA House

2019 04 Feb

2nd & 3rd CDH Program

World Cancer awareness day by bike rally.
Cancer detection camp at Fort Kochi.

2019 26 Jan

1st CDH Program

Dental check up camp
Venue: Sub Jail, Mattancherry

2019 25 Jan

1st Monthly Meeting

Topic: Consumer Protection Bill & Validity Of Consent Form
Speaker: Adv.TP Pradeep
Venue : IMA House

2019 11 Jan

1st Executive Committee Meeting

Venue : IMA House

2019 03 Jan

AGM & Installation of IDA Kochi 2019

Installation of President Dr Bindu Rachel and Team of Office Bearers
Venue : IMA House

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